Please Read This Before You Buy
a Dog From a Pet Store!

    Your Pet Store Pup

      Cherish your new petstore pup -
      Stand always by his side.
      Mend his ills and give him hugs
      And lots of fun car rides.
      Feed him well and let him run
      To build his body strong.
      Play with him and give him treats.
      Love him his whole life long.
      You'll soon become his hero.
      He will not ask you for much.
      He'll trade his lifelong loyalty
      For your kind word and touch.
      Count him among your blessings,
      As you are his blessing, too,
      But then please do just one thing more
      When every day is through.
      Take time to look into his eyes
      Each night you tuck him in.
      I bet you'll see reflected there
      Two other pups like him.
      They'll never have a family,
      Soft bed, good food, or fun.
      They live life out in a wire box,
      And never get to run.
      They suffer searing heat at times,
      At others freezing cold,
      As weeks and months and years drag by
      While they are growing old.
      So think about his mom and dad
      Who shine there through his eyes,
      And remember all the mill dogs
      Who are paying with their lives.
      If they had ever had a chance,
      They'd have grown up like him, too,
      With years of love to give and get
      Before their lives were through.
      You'll never see them face to face 
      Such miracles are rare -
      But pray for your pup's mom and dad,
      For they are dying there.
      Shannon McClure
      Addie's Safehouse IG Rescue


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