Training Is Very Important For
Both You and Your Dog!

    Training can be the difference between a "good" dog and a "bad" dog. Dogs are just like children - they need love, security and guidance. They do NOT raise themselves and instictively know NOT to chew the couch or your favorite slippers! They have to be trained in a loving manner to exhibit appropriate behavior. Even though it will take effort on your part, you will be amazed at the results consistent training will bring. Don't forget, your dog is learning all the time, whether you are teaching or not determines "what" he is learning.


If I Only Had Been Trained is sung to the tune from
the Wizard of Oz, "If I only had a Brain "

 If I'd gone to puppy classes, I'd not have chewed your glasses
 Or caused you such great pain
 Oh I woulda been a good dog and I coulda been a good dog
 If I only had been trained

 I would not be just a nothin' my mouth all full of stuffin' 
 From your new couch and your chair
 I'd behave -- you must believe me
 Don't you know you're not s'posed to leave me

 Oh gee, I'm running free - I slipped out of the door
 You can chase me but you'll never catch me 'cause
 You have two legs - but I have four!

 I've been all alone for hours, your plants are missing flowers
 Your socks are rearranged
 I've been just so very busy, it's enough to make you dizzy
 You should really have me trained

 I could dig my way to China or at least to Carolina
 When I'm left outside too long
 I'm your little Rover-Tiller and the neighbor Mr. Miller
 Thinks you should have stuffed my kong

 You thought that I was lonely, would be better if you only
 Got another pup
 Time unsupervised was ample so I served as his example
 Now there's twice as much torn up!


 Take a look at all these books
 Puppy Training 101
 I know you won't believe it but they say
 Living with me - could be real fun

 And in terms of my housetraining, I wish you'd stop complaining
 And get out of my face
 Oh my breath will just amaze ya, I've developed copraphagia
 I've been cleaning up the place

 They say that I'll get bigger and it only goes to "figger"
 Your troubles will grow too
 You could teach me while I'm little, what to chew and where to piddle
 And then you'd be happy too


 There could never be another, your sister or your brother
 Who'd love you more than I
 For a dog I'd be classy, I could be another Lassie
 All you have to do is try

 Picture me - obediently - sitting by your side
 I would never dump the trash or chase the cat
 I'd be so good - OK, I lied!

 There's a moral to this story, I could be your pride and glory
 My behavior well maintained
 I would not be a disaster, you could be a better master
 If you'd only get me trained!


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