Please Consider Adopting an Older Dog

    What Age Dog Is Best For You?

    An average Shih Tzu will live 14-18 what age dog is best for you?

    Puppy through 1 yr. old.........Lots of chewing, not reliably housetrained, needs much attention and training, not good choice if you are gone all day.

    1-3 Yr. old........ Still acts like a puppy, may or may not be housetrained, will still chew, needs lots of playtime to burn energy, will become bored easily if left alone too long.

    3-5 Yr. Old.......Able to be trusted alone in the house for short periods, needs several hours of playtime daily, will become bored easily, will chew from boredom.

    5+ .... A perfect dog. Past the chewing stage, reliably housetrained, content to sleep while you are gone, will want to play for a few hours, but will be ready to sleep again when you do.

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